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Personal Profile: Sam Swanepoel

Coach Sam, based in Pretoria, has dedicated his career to helping athletes reach their full potential. Over the past decade, he has coached a range of athletes in individual and team sports, including rugby, Iron Man, triathlon, road and trail running. His extensive experience has given him a unique insight into the physical and mental aspects of sports performance.

Throughout his coaching career, he has focused on the importance of mental preparation. He believes that athletes require more than just physical training to achieve success. He provides athletes with the necessary skills to excel in their respective sports, ensuring that they are mentally equipped to face the challenges ahead.

As an amateur athlete himself, he understands the physical and mental challenges of pushing the body to its limits. He started as a road runner at the age of 15, specializing in the 10km and 21km distances. He achieved personal best times of 32:40 and 1:24:28, respectively. He recently started to explore the limits of his body, leading to ultra-distance trail running. He completed the Sky run 100km in 24h16min and is currently training for the Cederberg traverse 100 Miler, marking the start of his 100+ “career”.

His experience playing competitive hockey in Northwest and Northern Gauteng for 22 years, 9 of which was in the Northerns Premier league, has given him a unique perspective on sports coaching. He has also dabbled in cycling, and a few seasons in Olympic distance triathlons. This diverse experience has enabled him to provide athletes with a holistic approach to their training.

Furthermore, Coach Sam believes that coaches should not only focus on physical training, but also on mental preparation. He developed a coaching philosophy called "Nothing Negative from the Bench," which focuses on building up athletes and serving as a role model and mentor. He believes that coaches should inspire athletes and teach them how to overcome adversity. This approach has been instrumental in helping athletes achieve their goals.

In summary, Coach Sam has honed his craft through years of experience in both playing and coaching sports. His holistic approach to training, including mental preparation, has helped numerous athletes reach their full potential. His coaching philosophy, combined with his passion for sports, has made him a valuable asset to the sports industry.

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